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  • Content regarding violence, terrorism, torture, bullying or abuse of any kind is strictly forbidden
  • Self destructive behavior is forbidden
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  • Impersonating other people is forbidden
  • Misinformation or fake news of any kind are forbidden
  • All previous rules apply also for usernames and everything that come from a user input. We reserve the right to suspend or ban users, delete events with or without previous warning in order to keep the platform as clean as possible, please be careful.
  • User accounts could NOT be sold or rented, user's profile info must reflect exactly the user that is actually using the account.
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Users between ages of 13 and 18 (or the legal age of majority in your state of residence) may only make purchases upon a granted permission of a parent or guardian.
Users are only allowed to make purchases if all info compiled in their profile are correct and match the actual user that is logging and using our services.
Payments are processed via Paypal only.
Payments amounts take in account VAT and Paypal fees.
VAT amounts depends on your country that you are required to select in your profile in order to use this website.
Failing to select the correct country is at your own responsibility and it's against the law as changes how much taxes you are paying, please be careful.
If you are a company and have a VAT number, you must type it to "Company VAT number" field in your profile, in this case all invoices will not include VAT but you should handle the "reverse charge".
If you are a company outside EU and you don't have a VAT number, VAT is not due and is not shown at all in all invoices.
Every company must fill "Company name" and "Company address" fields as they are required for invoicing.
All payments are not refundable.


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You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way material, trademarks, software, javascript or any other code we use, including every type of assets, images, textures, audio, video or 3d objects you can find on our website.


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Violations that cause severe harm to us, our systems or other users may be reported to police authorities.